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Report for Cities. Job Title. Name. Instructions: Complete this form when it is necessary to warn an employee that their performance is unacceptable.
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Who needs an Employee Warning Notice?

This form can be completed and directed by any employer when it is necessary to warn an employee that their performance is unacceptable.

What is the Employee Warning Notice for?

This Notice should be reviewed with the employee. The copy of the report should be given to the employee and the original should be retained in the employee’s file for future reference.

This form form can notify the employee about unsatisfactory performance in the following areas: punctuality, job knowledge, production, safety, completeness, attendance, job skills, accuracy, cooperation, attitude, leadership, obedience, conduct.

By means of this form, the employee can be put on probation for specific amount of days.

Also, all the explanations and details concerning the notice and the performance can be given on this form as well.

Is the Employee Warning Notice accompanied by other forms?

There is no need to accompany this Employee Warning Notice by any other documents. It can be serve to the employee as it is.

How do I fill out the Employee Warning Notice?

The following information should be provided in order to complete the form:

  • Name, department, job title of the employee;

  • Indication of the noticed area of performance;

  • Explanation and further details;

  • Follow-up actions that needed;

  • Acknowledgement of the receipt (should be filled by the employee);

Once completed, this form must be signed by the employee. Company name, title, and the name of the person who completed the form should be indicated as well.

Where do I send the Employee Warning Notice?

The original of this document must be attached to the employee’s personal file. A copy should be directed to the employee.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing employee discipline write up
Instructions and Help about how to fill out an employee warning notice form
OK. One way we can make a form fairly easily is to start with a template that we make in Word or Excel or some other editor. So in this case I just used Excel municipal two-column format with the entry fields on the right so using this I'll be able to create an Adobe PDF form. So the first thing I'm going to do is going to Acrobat 10 and I'm going to choose create PDF. It's going to ask what I want to open. In this case, I'm going to go navigate to the location of my file. As soon as I do that, it has to launch in my case Excel in order to read content from it. That's going to pull over and a copy of that of how it looks. So now I have this a flat file essentially an image. If I want to deepen it a little bit and create some content. I'm going to go over here to the tools button in Acrobat 10 and I'm going to say "Create" under Forms. It's going to say "Use an existing file" and then also it said "Use the current document'. Asks if I want to save. Certainly. Why not? I'll just give it a somewhat descriptive name. OK. So now you'll see that it took a crack at trying to name the fields after the information near, but it doesn't do a terribly good job at this. You'll see then that now at least it was shrewd enough to know that each of my lines on the right was going to be a data entry field. And over on the right side you'll notice in my fields section that each of these has its own definition. So I'm gonna go in click on these things and rename them. So I have clicked once on the name and you can either slow click twice or hit, click once and hit F2 to make it editable. So "num_siblings". Sounds like a terrible complaint. And then just going to give each one a more meaningful name. That instinctively I've given each one of these fields, I've the syntax without the use for the field names has been to separate them with underscores instead of spaces. This just goes back to all database protocol. It used to be at least that you couldn't have field names with spaces so I got in the habit of using underscores. This is probably not a form that's gonna dump into a database but just in case I guess. I'm sticking with that syntax. OK. So now I have done that. If I choose close formatting, noticed now that I can go in If you just bump up the Zoom In a little bit, so I can go in here and start typing things. Say I have got 9 siblings and I prefer sea. And I eat breakfast every day. And I'm just hitting tab between each of these two favorite restaurants. OK. So what do I wanna say about is these are editable until or unless I save this form with particular attributes. I won't be able to save it. I have to prove myself wrong. I am going to throw this onto the desktop. And see what happens if I close it and reopen it. Did it keep my data? It did. OK. I was about going to launch feel about how you had to go to "Save As" and choose 'Reader Extended PDF". "Enable...